DVR Digital Video Recorder

DVR Digital Video Recorder

The DVR uses an anolog camera compared to an IP camera that an NVR uses. While the cameras may look the same the send and receive data through a different type of wire. The DVR uses a coax wire that has a max distance of 1000 feet from DVR location to camera location. The DVR can connect up to 32 cameras on one DVR. The camera's resolution right now is 1.3MP or 720P up to 8.3MP or 4k.

Hybrid NVR/DVR

Hybrid NVR/DVR

This is the best of both worlds. With these hybrids, you can use analog and IP cameras. They offer a few different options for channels. You can get a 4X4, 8X8, 16X16 or a 24X8. With this Hybrid, you can use 5MP analog cameras IP cameras can be up to 4K.

NVR Network Video Recorder

The NVR uses IP cameras that can run over the network using a Cat5 or Cat6 wire. This wire runs power and data through one wire doing away with the need for a power supply like a DVR system. Cameras can run 319 feet from the NVR to the location of the camera. The NVR can connect up to 256 cameras with one NVR. The NVR can use cameras with a resolution from 1.3MP or 720P up to 8MP or 4K.


We offer a wide verity of cameras but these are the best sellers. They come in IP or analog. For the IP the infared distance is 100 foot and the analog has an IR distance of 120 foot. These awesome cameras have a 92-degree angle of view. The resolution is 1.3MP to 8MP. They are vandal resistant and can be used indoor or outdoor. All of our cameras utilize a smart IR to give you max visibility at night.


PTZ's are a resourceful tool in the surveillance game. They have night vision that can reach up to 495 feet. With adding a PTZ you can set up a patrol setting to a pattern to capture a large area or stationary position to capture a specific point. We also offer PTZ's that have an auto tracking feature so if anything comes within its view it will zoom in and follow it until the object stops moving.

PTZ's right now is 2MP, but it has an autofocus feature so it gives you the best shot of what you are trying to capture.


Dome cameras offer a more vandal proof enclosure. These cameras are available in 1.3 to 8MP resolution. They have traditional IR's or the smart IR. These cameras are ideal for lower mounted cameras so that people can not adjust the view.

Full view cameras

With these cameras, you will see everything. With the 360 cameras, it sees everything below it. The resolution is from 1.3MP to 12MP. These cameras are ideal for small stores or large open areas. Because of the high resolution, you can see everything at one time.

Licence plate recognition

With a Licence plate recognition or LPR, you will capture all of the vehicle's tags as they pass in daylight or complete darkness. The new LPR's use an IR that can illuminate up to 328 feet. The LPR has an 8-32mm motorized lens with auto focus. The vehicle can be up to 60MPH and the camera will still capture the license plate.

Infrared Illuminators

Infrared Illuminators or IR's can shed light on a dark environment. There are many different styles of IR's that shine very long distance or a wide angle like a spotlight. This allows you to view your cameras at night without a light that is visible to the human eye.


Using a microphone can help out a great deal when it comes to customer disputes. Put a stop to the he said she said and just playback file. The microphones come in a verity of sizes to work indoors or outdoors. Some mics are built into certain cameras.

Uninterrupted power supply

A UPS is a vital piece of any surveillance system. After you spend money on all of the fun features of a camera system you need to make sure you protect it. Not only will the UPS protect from an electrical surge but depending on the model and size it will provide a battery back up as well. This back up can vary depending on a lot of factors. When your system is being designed make sure to ask about the UPS and we can calculate what size you will need to give you a backup time that is desired.

Point 2 Point Radios

P2Ps are radios that work the same as the towers that send internet to your cell phone. We have the ability to set up subdivisions, large facilities, small and large cities, and remote locations. P2Ps give a big change in monitoring. Now whatever you need to have eyes on is achievable. These can be duel purposed in some cases to allow WI-FI access at each P2P location. Show us your vision and we will show you how to make it happen.