In today's busy world any help with your daily task is great. At Phoenix Custom Systems we can help make life a little easier. Take a look below to see some of the things that we can help you with. Check back frequently because we are always adding the latest and greatest.

Lights and lamp control

We use the leader in lighting, Lutron. There are many ways to control your lights. You have the ability to control your devices from your smartphone, though the switch itself or if you have Alexa you can control it with your voice. You can also set up groups of lights to go on or off with certain commands.


Adding a deadbolt to your home gives you the ability to unlock your home remotely, also you can give temporary codes to someone who will be watching your home while you're out of town. You can also set up automation if you have the proper equipment to set a scene for when you unlock your deadbolt. Call for more details.

Thermostat control

You can now control your thermostat from your smartphone, alarm panel or Alexa device. Integrating your thermostate with the rest of your smart devices can make life a little easier. When you have your alarm and thermostat on the same network they can literally save lives. The smart thermostat talks with the alarm panel, so when your smoke detector is tripped the thermostat shuts off so it will not fuel the fire with oxygen. We also offer a remote temperature sensor that can be placed in rooms to regulate the overall temperature on that floor.

Garage door control

Garage door control can prove to be a very helpful tool. If a neighbor needs to return or get something from your garage simply open your garage from your phone or Alexa. When integrated with your alarm system you can set up alerts if the door is open or opened to long.